We have compiled information and interpreter resources from various organizations. While we try our best to update information, there may be outdated resources. Please visit the link source for the correct information.

City of Boise Interpreter

In order to become a contract interpreter for the City of Boise, you must attend the training and pass a background examination. Once that is completed, you are available as an interpreter for all Boise City Entities (Boise Police Department, Parks & Recreation, City Clerk, etc.) and local law enforcement agencies (Ada County, Meridian & Garden City).

Training is provided by the Boise Police Department Interpreter Program:

  • 9-hour Boise Police Department Interpreter Training

Contact Travis Buffi for more information.
Email: tbuffi@cityofboise.org
Phone: 208-570-6423

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interpreting

Information on Idaho Licensure can be found at IdahoRID’s website’s homepage

IdahoRID (Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) provides workshops and training here in the Treasure Valley. For dates and information visit their schedule here: IdahoRID Workshops/Training

If you are interested in joining IdahoRID as a Dual, Associate, Qualified Educational Interpreter, Supporting or Student member, click here.

Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing website provides resources regarding:

  • Becoming an ASL interpreter
  • ADA – Complying with Federal Law, Reporting Non-Compliance
  • Counseling & Mental Health & Addiction
  • DeafBlind
  • Emergency Communications
  • Communication Options
  • Infants, Children, Education & Parenting
  • Laws in Idaho Related to Deaf/HH
  • Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS)
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

The Idaho Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing also provides:

Idaho Court Interpreter

Idaho Court Administrative Rule 52 mandates a priority of appointment the courts and their designees must follow when appointing interpreters to cover cases. The same states that certified interpreters should be used unless there is good cause to deviate.

The Administrative Office of the Court has access to certification exams only in 16 languages. Interpreters who work in languages other than the ones listed below, must pursue a path to become Registered Court Interpreters.

  • Arabic
  • Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian
  • Cantonese
  • Creole
  • French
  • Hmong
  • Ilocano
  • Korean
  • Loatian
  • Mandarin
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

The steps to become a court interpreter can be found here: 2019 Idaho Court Interpreter Training & Certification Program

Link to the training and testing schedule for the Idaho Court Interpreter Training & Certification Program: Idaho Court Training & Testing Schedule

If you have completed training or believe you are qualified, here are the applications for:

The State of Idaho Judicial Branch – Language Access website also provides information about:

For unanswered questions or more resources visit The State of Idaho Judicial Branch – Language Access – FAQs & Helpful Resources

Information provided by The State of Idaho Judicial Branch – Language Access website

Idaho Medical Interpreter

A State certification program is currently not in place in this State. However, in order to become a Qualified Medical Interpreter (QMI) within the State of Idaho you must take the minimum 16-hour Medical Interpreter Workshop and pass a language evaluation at the end of the course. Both the certificate of completion and the language evaluation, in conjunction, is what makes you a QMI.

The national standard and code are as follows:
National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care
National Code of Ethics  for Interpreters in Health Care

Medical Interpreter Training in the Treasure Valley is provided by Lopez Translation & Training and MDTranslation

Lopez Translation & Training provides:

  • Basic 16-hour Medical Interpreter Workshop
    • Basic requirement to work as a contract interpreter
  • 40 Hour Medical Interpreter Workshop
    • Through the Nationally Accredited Bridging the Gap – Cross Cultural Health Care
  • 8-hour Intensive Preparation Class for National Certification

For available training dates visit our Events page or Lopez Translation & Training website

For entire 2019 course offerings look here: Lopez Training Class Offerings 2019

For additional information and FAQ visit Lopez Translation & Training website

MDTranslation provides:

  • 40-hour Initial Training for Interpreters in Health Care in 3 sessions
    • 16-hour Basic Training for Medical Interpreters – Class Info
    • 16-hour Boot Camp for Medical Interpreters
    • 8-hour Skills Building for Medical Interpreters

To register for training or for more info and resources visit MDTranslation website

If you provide medical interpreter training and would like to be included in this list please contact us.